Elodie’s Injury Update 2

My hamstring has mostly fixed itself.  There’s still some vague discomfort but it’s gone back to moving around, coming and going…  From one week to the next, it seems to be going more than coming.  Last weekend I paced a friend for his first half; he wanted to avoid flaming out at 10K, but a conservative pace for him is a good clip for me, about 9:20 mpm.  I peeled off a couple miles short of the finish so he could bust it out, and that was just right for both of us.  I didn’t stress the leg at all, and the pace felt nice and fluid.

I could probably start some base training now.  Mileage has been in the 40s for the last 3 weeks or so.  When I checked a couple weeks ago, my hamstring had a distinct maximum range around 11 miles.  Judging from last weekend, it has probably moved out a little farther.  My head isn’t so much into it, though.  I’m not burnt out or bored exactly, but not feeling the fire either.  I’d like to be a little itchier before I throw myself into another 4-month buildup.  I’m thinking of running easy for another week or three.

Work is eating life a bit, which isn’t helping to fan the flame.  I delayed posting this past week in hopes of reporting on my first single-track adventure this year, but couldn’t sneak away.  Winter in Cali looks more probable which will be fun (filthy mountain trails!) but it throws some water on my fall marathon plans.  I tend to lose all motivation for structure once I hit the clay and sand there.

KP’s non-update

I’ve been grounded for the last week. I’ve been struggling with this arch pain off and on for several months. Was never sure if it was PF or something else. It would go away for a while, then come back. Mostly was not a bad problem, but occasionally kind of painful. But last week I was walking to the train station – about a mile – and it suddenly turned into a very sharp pain in the heel. I’m not even totally sure it’s the same thing, but I took it as such.

Anyway, I’ve just decided to take it easy for a week or two. Haven’t run since last Tuesday. To be honest, I’m kind of enjoying the break so far. I did a 12 week half marathon program, followed almost immediately by an 18 week marathon program, followed by a 20 mile race 4 weeks later, and was trying to keep my mileage up since then. I feel like I’m due a little break. But I am starting to get the first tinglings of wanting to get back out there.

I’ve been icing and stretching and everything is feeling much better. No more sharp pain. That lasted maybe 2-3 days. Now, more of a dull sensation in the heel, not even anything I’d call a pain, but an awareness of something not entirely normal. The arch feels 100% fine. I figure I might try a short test run this weekend if everything continues to feel fine.

GP’s Fatherhood Recap, #1

Hi All! I’m glad to see you’re still fighting the good fight and continuing to post and support each other in here. My daughter, Elena, is 10 weeks old today. What a wild ride it’s been so far! I obviously haven’t been able to get out and run as consistently as I’d like, but Sarah, my wife, and Elena are good about encouraging me to get out once in awhile so I can keep my sanity and continue being a decent dad. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello.  I’ll try to read up on what you’ve been up to sometime and throw in a few comments.

Elodie’s Injury Update 1

Whelp, I made it without busting my hamstring.  I raced a rolling 8K on Saturday, and can still walk.  I’ve run very gently for two days, and only the usual level of soreness after a race.  The location still has me worried, left side more than my right, and that hamstring again more than say, my calves or quads.

I don’t feel good about resuming training just yet.  I’ll stick to easy running until the junk gets flushed out, and then make sure the leg is still improving.

One of my friends pointed out after the race that I could probably get by on 70% of the mileage I had, and use the 8K and upcoming 10K as tempo workouts.  I probably wouldn’t get much movement on my half-MP, but I could maintain whatever I’ve got until the race next month without shredding my leg.  I also have a 15K two months from now, that I really want to be healthy for.  15Ks are rare, and I don’t want to miss it!

KJL 2.0, Recap 1

I Ain’tn’t Dead

Short version: The EDL Tendinitis I mentioned in my last post put me in a sour-ass mood about running and sharing and life in general.  And just when things were healing I managed to get my ass kicked by some influenza.  But I’m still alive and back on the proverbial wagon.

Long version: Well, if you care, just check my personal blog.

How I Coped

Fortunately, the tendinitis only hurt while running, so casual walking and cycling didn’t cause pain (and hopefully didn’t delay recovery).  Here’s how the last few weeks played out…

Week 1: 20Feb – 26Feb

  • “Active” Walking: 18.45 miles over 3 days
  • Cycling: 18 miles over 3 rides
  • Weights: zip, zilch, nada
  • Stretching: every frickin’ day, multiple times

Week 2: 27Feb – 04Mar

  • Hiking: 33.7 miles over three days, in and out of the Grand Canyon
  • Stretching: almost every day
  • Rest: lots of it

Week 3: 05Mar – 11Mar

  • Running: 15.4 very gentle, optimistic miles in 3 runs
  • Stretching: almost every day
  • Weights: one day, low weight

Week 4: 12Mar – 18Mar

  • Running: 33 miles over four runs
  • Walking: 8.5ish miles (I was on site for training this week and walked back and forth each day, but wasn’t religious about tracking it…)
  • Weights: 1 day, pretty lame, using the limited dumb bells at the hotel gym
  • Germs: Picked up something nasty, had a miserable last day of training, then brought it across the country to share with a flight full of strangers and my wife

Week 5: 19Mar – 25Mar

  • Full-On sick days: 1
  • Half-Assed sick days: 2 (still too sick to run, but well enough to work)
  • Running: 12.2 miles over two runs
  • Walking: 3.5 miles around Balboa Park
  • Weights: zippo again!

Week 6: 26Mar – 01Apr

  • Running: 33.65 miles over five runs – my first full week in over a month!
  • Weights: 1 day, just to say I did something really
  • Stretching: yes, I’m still stretching!  After every run, and whenever I think of it.

Week 7: 02Apr – 08Apr

  • Running: 45 miles over six runs
  • Weights: again just 1 day, but actually tracked it for real this time
  • Stretching: after every run, plus on lunch breaks and before bed (make it a habit, kids!)

All these runs were pretty much just “easy” miles – no proper workouts.  Here and there, when the mood struck me, I went faster, or longer (due in part to poor planning), but the awesome 5k training plan I put together in January was not happening.  I’m still doing the 5k next weekend, but there’s been no proper prep for it.  I’ll take the results of that race and use it to figure out target paces for my marathon training.

That’s about it.  Eat your vegetables.

Elodie’s Recap 9.5

Injury time out, maybe. :-(  I got through about half my week before deciding that this pain in my @ss needed action.  I noticed some hamstring irritation as far back as a month ago, but I’ve had calf, and achilles aches too, and those come and go.  The hamstring pain behind my knee and in my butt started making semi-regular appearances a couple of weeks ago.

It’s not too bad yet.  I got through a 5-mile tempo and 15x300m reps the following day with tired legs and a dull ache, and I’ve run easy all the other days while still seeing some healing.  The maximum range I can get on it is 9-10 miles, maybe a little more.  It’s enough to maintain the raw endurance I built up earlier, but the 17 miles I’d planned didn’t seem like a good idea.  I dropped that, the hill reps, and changed my routes to mostly flat ones.  I think it’s still at the inflammation stage, rather than a strain or — shhh — tear, so I have hope that I can get it cleared up sooner than later.

In the short term, I plan to continue running short and easy until my race on Saturday.  I haven’t made up my mind definitely to race, but I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to line up.  I won’t know how hard I can run until I’m doing it, the degree of pain is fairly sensitive to my mechanics which changes a bit with speed and terrain.  Ironically, faster feels better, at least until faster wears me out.  Luckily it’s only 8K, maybe the finish will come sooner than the butthurt.

How’s this working? Part 2

It’s been a few months since we started, and this pause in everyone’s training seems like a good time to take stock.  I’m not quite out of training yet, but I need to let up on the gas pedal a bit due to a budding injury and a race later this week.  Is this, or has it been useful?  Anything you’d like to see change, like a different format?  Should we enlarge the group?  Should we adjourn for a while?

I’ve really enjoyed the discussions we’ve had.  They’ve made me think, and search in directions I wouldn’t have discovered on my own.  That could’ve happened on dailymile, but as you’ve noticed I’m verbose and always tripping over the character limit there. :)  Anyway, I’m very happy to keep going as long as anybody wants, but I won’t take it personally either, if this experiment doesn’t seem to add value over other interactions we have.  Whaddaya think?

Keith’s Update #10

Another recoveryish sort of week after the 20 mile race last Sunday. A 2 on Tuesday, a couple in the 3.25 to 3.5 range, and an 8 miler today. Still a bit fatigued, especially during the end of the 8 today, but all in all feeling good. Looking forward to getting back into a regular routine now that I’m not in a 4 week slot between two major long distance races.

Elodie’s Recap 9.0

Another tired week, but I wasn’t as irritable and no risk of overtraining this time.  My legs were slow to recover from intervals and tempo during our early spring heat wave, but it felt distinctly different from a couple weeks ago.  I’m getting better at discriminating between injury, fatigue, and overtraining.

  • 55 miles (88 km) over 8 days = 48 miles (77 km) per calendar week
  • one zero
  • usual strength and PT stuff
  • 2 x 1h yoga class

Whether it was poor weather or fatigue the last couple of weeks, my faithful tempo abandoned me.  It’s stagnant, and that’s putting a dent in my confidence.  My 12-mile long run sucked too, but I can get past that.  I have 6 weeks left until the half: 4 weeks to sharpen and 2 for taper.  Time to crank on tempo and see what I’ve got in there.

Keith’s Update #9

Training, minimal – an easy 3 miler and a medium-paced 5 miler with my running group. I think I got in one core workout.

Sunday ran the Eastern States 20 miler. That was pretty awesome. Did far better than I really expected to. http://www.keithpeters.org/?p=752 Still pretty shocked at how easy the first 16-17 miles went, particularly since I was doing a pace I didn’t think I’d be able to hold nearly that long.

This week it’s all about recovery and getting back in the core workouts on a regular basis.